• By Lady Antares

    Jan 05, 2022

    These are exactly the yoga pants for which I've been searching. They are incredibly soft, and the material is heavy enough not to feel cheap or expose every bodily imperfection, but light enough to be cool and breathable, and allow ease of movement. The moment I put these on, I heaved a sigh of relief. I've had other yoga pants that felt heavy, thick, and restrictive; were deeply unflattering; and/or had funky/useless features (like oddly placed pockets). This pair has none of those issues. I cannot recommend these enough. I'm probably going to end up ordering another pair.

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  • By Alexa

    Jan 01, 2022

    They fit perfectly. I hate that so many pants end up too short for me. These are perfect...just touching the floor. I have washed them twice already and they have not shrunk at all. I am ordering extra pairs now :-)

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  • By OregonLass

    Dec 31, 2021

    I was looking for a yoga pant with great fit and length for everyday wear, not for yoga (who buys yoga pants to practice yoga? LOL). These were exactly what I was looking for: light support, good fit across the legs without being too snug, and a good length to accommodate my long legs

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  • By Ember

    Dec 13, 2021

    I wear yoga pants for everything -- including yoga. I bought two pair of these and immediately loved them that they became an important part of my housework uniform. They are warm, no see through and you can order them by length! They are also true to size and very comfortable. After the two pair became casualties of a recent painting project, I bought two more of the exact kind.

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  • By Barbara Morse

    Nov 13, 2021

    These have become my favorite yoga pants! I have ordered 4 pairs and they go out of stock in my size so fast, but they are great! Great material, don’t lose elasticity and aren’t see through!

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  • By Jennifer

    Oct 27, 2021

    I have a hard time finding pants that fit me. I carry my weight in my stomach, so my little legs always end up swimming in too much fabric. I don't have that problem with leggings, but I really dislike pants tight around my ankles, so these filled all my picky wants. These pants look great on me, and they're so much more comfortable than regular pants. Might buy another pair!

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  • By Mark

    Sep 02, 2021

    Exactly what you want in leggings/yoga pants. The texture of these leggings is SOFT! Well made and good quality fabric. I did the “squat test” and they DIDN’T BUDGE! Will purchase more in the future.

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  • By Brittany Morris

    Aug 11, 2021

    These yoga pants are amazing! Super soft just the right length for me! I got a Large. Beautiful packaging too! Will definitely buy them again. The pockets too are very useful.

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  • By MeganLM

    Jul 29, 2021

    So this is by far my favorite stand and company to work with! All of their products are super soft and a perfect fit!

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  • By Melanie Topps

    Jul 07, 2021

    I absolutely love these pants!! I wear them everyday to work, on the weekends, and if I need to “dress up”. They are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn and they are so soft! They fit me great and are the perfect length.These pants wash amazing and they don’t shrink. They are so soft and they do not collect lint like other pants I have owned. Order them now!!!

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  • By Olivia

    May 26, 2021

    They fit great, flattering, soft material - nice height on the waist, I’m not a low rise person. Boot cut leg is my favorite style so these checked that box as well.

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  • By Christine Benjumea

    Apr 08, 2021

    BUY THEM! I basically live in yoga pants and leggings and let me tell you! There is tummy control also so after two kids, that’s a huge plus for me. I definitely recommend. I’ll be buying more soon!

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  • By PhilsFan

    Feb 14, 2021

    I really love these yoga pants! I love the pockets and where they fall on my waist. I'm heavy in the middle and they aren't rolling down. They'll still fit even if I lose a few pounds! Wishful thinking. I highly recommend them. The weight and thickness is perfect. They are not shear at all and not too heavy. I'm always warm so they are perfect!

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  • By Maru

    Jan 20, 2021

    I bought 2 pair of pants and they both are super comfortable. The colors are really pretty. I used at work and they are very flattering and versatile. They look like a casual pants. The material is very comfortable even in hot summer days, you can wear them al day long with any problem. They are becoming my favorite pants.

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  • By Jordyn

    Dec 14, 2020

    These are THE most comfortable, flattering pants ever!!💯 recommended!

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  • By Kari Vaassen

    Nov 08, 2020

    Love these pants! They fit very well throughout and the waistband stays where I put it. I ordered the L size.

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  • By ABaumia

    Oct 21, 2020

    I love these pants. They are made with a super comfortable material. They’re stretchy and hold everything nice. Makes my butt look good and the customer service is amazing! They responded to my email within a couple hours (I emailed at midnight) and got me a new pair within a week. I highly recommend these pants. I will be purchasing again when I want another pair.

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  • By Kathy

    Oct 13, 2020

    I absolutely love these pants. I have several pairs and I find them to fit as described. They wash and I even dry them in the dryer and they do not shrink. They are great for traveling because they don't wrinkle in the suitcase and can be rolled up.

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  • By ogul

    Oct 01, 2020

    Perfect fit. I feel support in the tummy & bumm area where the pants are cut to fit. The pant are flare leg. They fit nicely at the thigh and the flare begins a higher than the knee (I'm short) and flare just enough to hang perfectly around my shoes. The lenght is a true Medium. This is my 2nd purchase. The fabric is also very nice, with a little weight to it but not heavy. The color (black) stays true & fabric is like new after 20 washes. Must have! Will order more. Great yoga pants!

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  • By Donna Littlewood

    Sep 24, 2020

    They fit like they were made for me! I usually wear a large in pants and so I ordered a large. They fit perfectly! They feel so good, I don't want to take them off. I love the extra support for my belly, it relieves the pressure on my lower back. I just ordered a second pair of the black one.

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