• By T Cooper

    May 06, 2020

    This is probably my new favorite bra! PPZZ has always been my go-to bra and I always look for the ones with good coverage but slight push-up since that fits my breast shape best. But I especially loved the nice design and feel of this one. The material is especially nice, even compared to other PPZ bras I've had, and the pink with lace trim has a nice feminine touch.

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  • By Nomad

    May 03, 2020

    My problems before this bra: narrow shoulders, sore back, trigger finger (yes really - tendon related), beginning to get difficult to connect back closing bras. IF you are going from a back closing bra to a T-back or Racer back bra then you will probably need to change size as well. I was a 34D. I fit this as a 34DD. If your band size is comfortable at the smallest length,(the closure furthest in leaving 2 hanging over (not used)) then stick with your current band size. IF you are on the last eyelet with no room to expand go up another band size. This is my Favorite bra!!!!

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  • By Melissa Wilson

    Apr 28, 2020

    This PPZ Bra #33583 is the best minimizer and supportive bra I've ever found

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  • By sandy walsh

    Apr 15, 2020

    The design is excellent & the material is first rate & lovely. There is nothing even close to this quality that I could find. I have one of these purchased many years ago & still in use. It does not look any older than the new ones unless you look very closely. It is very comfortable. The straps are designed to distribute weight over a wider area so they do not cut into one's shoulders when used for support. I doubt that you can't find a better bra.

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  • By S E Martin

    Apr 09, 2020

    Definately a keeper...and at a great price...I will be gettting this one from now on!

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  • By Kathryn Florance

    Mar 25, 2020

    This is the first bra I've had that I can truly say is comfortabe. First, I'm a 36A. Not too many choices availabe. Second, I have narrow shoulders so straps are always falling off my shoulders. This bra fit so well even during my stretch/tone gym class that I ordered another 4 in different styles.

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  • By Mary Seaman

    Mar 12, 2020

    This style of bra has a nice balance between support, coverage, and light weight, light contour and neutral color (just enough contour not to reveal w/o feeling padded). Updated: I've now purchased these in at least 4 pieces. I have found them to be far more comfortable than any other style or brand. This style has become the only version I purchase for use with casual or dress clothes, since it exceeds all others in comfort, support/adjustability, and shape retention.

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  • By Jackitty

    Feb 21, 2020

    This bra is super comfortable! The band, which is responsible for holding up "the girls" is a little tight but non uncomfortable. I am a 36C and have had endless trouble finding a bra that provides support without painful underwires and this is it for me.

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  • By P Gigac

    Feb 16, 2020

    So very Comfortable! I absolutely love the Cloud 9 bra's!! With the PPZ bras, I swear i forget that I'm wearing a bra sometimes, and thats saying something because I absolutely hate bras. I really don't have anything bad to say about this bra. After putting on my first one and wearing it for a day, I immediately ordered more.

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  • By Cute as a Button

    Feb 05, 2020

    I love this bra! I am between a 36B and a 34C and I prefer the 36B in this bra... the band makes it more comfortable to wear.It's just soft, smooth fabric with perfect construction and a light padding in the cups that provide shape, support and nipple coverage. Straps stay in place (which is a challenge for my sloping shoulders) but don’t dig.

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  • By K Arford

    Jan 31, 2020

    This bra is the BEST bra I've ever worn in my entire life! So comfy, super light weight and also it's really good! I bought 5. I cannot believe I found bra! I wish I found it sooner but better late than never!

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  • By Giee W

    Jan 07, 2020

    I am now laying in bed as I write this review. I did finally take off the bra, but honestly, I'm convinced I could wear it through a full night's sleep and still be comfortable. Suffice to say, it's the most comfortable thing I've ever used to wrap my fleshy chest bits, and I highly recommend it.

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  • By Rachel Ross

    Dec 13, 2019

    I bought these for my wife. She wears VS bras and we had been shopping at VS and she bought a couple of new ones. Before we had got home she said I was I had got some just everyday ones. I had her size card and thought why not see if I can find her some. So I placed the order and they came in 2 days at the door. I ask a few days later if she had tried them and she said yes they are nice. I take care of the bedroom, make the bed pickup every morning. She wears these a lot so I know she likes them and the fit is nice I don't see them cutting into her and they look great with a tee shirt.

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  • By aliceindandyland

    Dec 10, 2019

    One of the few bras I like! I'm a small person, and don't have the issues some have, but I still like to be comfortable! A nice fit for me.

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  • By Jimena

    Nov 23, 2019

    I recently threw out all my past sports bras and invested in buying these PPZ bras for everyday wear and going out whenever I need a T-shirt bra. They are really soft as described on the tag and very lightweight!!! They are not tight fitting as my previous bra bands were under the bust area nor loose or too tight bra straps.

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  • By Sharisse

    Nov 13, 2019

    I hate bra shopping. It's my least favorite item of clothing to buy. I'm not even that picky about bras. I just want a couple things. 1. Be comfortable. 2. Have light padding. 3. Make the girls look good. That's about it. It's amazing how many bras just don't cut the mustard. I've tried Third Love, Victoria's Secret, some other little boutiques that promise the perfect fit. None of them ever lived up to the hype. Then I met this bra. Oh, sweet, sweet PPZ bra. Where have you been all my life? I just ordered my third one of these so I can have a variety of colors to go under corresponding tops. Try it. Dear God, try it.

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  • By Zeis F

    Nov 06, 2019

    This bra is absolutely perfect! I'm going to buy it again. It is silky soft to the touch and feels fantastic on right out of the bag. There is no need to break it in. I hate bra shopping because they never fit right and this is the perfect bra as far as I'm concerned. The cups give support and a naturally rounded look without push up padding or feeling like I'm wearing a bulletproof vest. No need to worry about injuring someone with a hug!

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  • By Jenny Schmitz

    Nov 04, 2019

    It fits perfect and is so comfortable.I must say is the best bra I purchased lately,had more expensive bras,without feeling more comfortable.Can only recommend it!

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  • By Mihaela

    Oct 10, 2019

    Love this bra! Gives extra padding and shape but without that ridiculous line that padded push-up bras often reveal through clothes. Fits as expected and is super comfortable. Excellent price for a bra this great.

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  • By Lisa Kinsolving

    Sep 11, 2019

    While many other bas have a thick edge at the top of the cup (where the bra stops and skin begins), creating an unflattering/obvious line under clothes, this bra creates a seamless look, while adding a lovely shape. The lace is not tacky or cheap looking--husband loves it, and its placement on the side doesn't show through clothes either. Would definitely recommend this bra.

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