• By Ashley

    Oct 13, 2020

    I love this bra! I just received yesterday and it’s exactly what I wanted. I was looking for a black push up bra to give me more cleavage in a black dress I just bought for vacation. This fit exactly perfect (34D). It’s so cute and gives good cleavage just like the other pictures on here from other users. I am very impressed and I may buy more.

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  • By Jenny

    Oct 02, 2020

    I absolutely LOVE this bra!! This is already my new go to bra! It's subtle but classic and way comfie! I am so excited to have found this bra. It's not constricting and doesn't create any bulging. But it's supportive and my boobs don't push out beneath the underwire. The underwire also doesn't press into your sternum. I actually fell asleep in this bra one night after a 12 hour day and I wasn't begging to get it off in the morning! I will definitely order more!

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  • By Lena

    Sep 30, 2020

    The fabric is very soft and stretchy. I’m hoping this bra will last forever.This brand and this style are the perfect fit for me

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  • By Michelle Stephens

    Aug 12, 2020

    I am constantly in search of a comfortable bra and I am always disappointed..until now! As soon as I tried on this bra,it felt like I was slipping a cloud over my chest..seriously. It is so comfortable and has decent support. You obviously have to sacrifice some lift in order for it to be this soft but it's worth it to wear to work all day.

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  • By CatherineH

    Jul 22, 2020

    This is the best bra I’ve ever owned. If you genuinely know your size and your looking for a comfortable supportive bra for everyday wear; buy this bra.

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  • By Marissa

    Apr 19, 2020

    Very happy with this purchase, comfy and feminine.

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  • By Susan from Tampa Bay

    Apr 16, 2020

    The material is soft and smooth unlike any other bra that I have ever had in my life. It washes great (I wash on the delicate cycle or hand wash when I have time), does not pill, stays tight for a long time, and does not ride up on me like other bras have. The fit is perfect for me.

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  • By KimBeanie

    Feb 20, 2020

    This is the best bra ever!!! I'm so impressed and excited to have found such a well fitting bra. I'm a 34C and let me tell you the girls have never been more happy. They stay put, and have nice support, all while being insanely comfortable and not too tight. I'm ordering more for sure.

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  • By Rebecca

    Feb 04, 2020

    Great fitting bra, gives a flattering silhouette, and is very comfortable. This bra doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It's very pretty, also. I like it so much I ordered 2 more than are on their way.

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  • By LoveWatermelons

    Jan 31, 2020

    Like this bra! Unlike some others the straps are nice, comfortable and almost like they are slightly padded (you don’t feel them at all, they don’t dig or irritate). Cups are comfortable and supportive. It is pretty on.

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  • By Ziomatra

    Nov 26, 2019

    Very comfortable and affordable bra. Straps don't slip, I wash it but don't put it in dryer. I'd compare it to the DKNY bra I spent $85 for prior. Will definitely buy again.

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  • By Emily Elizabeth

    Nov 13, 2019

    Extremely comfortable bra. It fits like its custom made. I love it!

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  • By Bmilner

    Nov 01, 2019

    I love PPZ bras - they fit consistently and are super comfortable. The lightly lined bra is perfect for every day wear and lies flat with little to no gaping under shirts.

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  • By Sweltering

    Oct 23, 2019

    Love everything about this bra. Have been wearing this style exclusively for last 3 years. Perfect for T-Shirts, comfortable, soft, supportive. Hoping they never discontinue this style.

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  • By Hlm

    Oct 17, 2019

    Been purchasing this product for years. It fits the same every time. Arrives on time. High quality item. Worth every penny!

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  • By Isabella G

    Sep 05, 2019

    This is probably my favorite bra I own right now. Its soft and does not have push up but still looks nice.

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  • By J Smith

    Aug 09, 2019

    Very comfortable! It really does mold onto your breasts. I wear a 36 D. Excellent support and you don’t even notice the underwire. I have four of these. Good price.

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  • By WolfePack

    Jul 19, 2019

    Love this bra...its my favorite and I'm larger chested so it's often hard to find a good supportive, properly fitting bra!!

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  • By Lola

    Jun 01, 2019

    Fits perfectly and very comfortable.

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  • By Rogue

    May 11, 2019

    Can't go wrong with this bra and the fit. Very comfortable and good price

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