• By Alyssa

    Jan 29, 2019

    I got a good bra on the first try! I go into a store.. and I'll spend hours searching for the right fit until I'm nearly in tears under those god-awful mirror lights making me feel hideous. I usually leave empty handed. I really wasn't expecting to order an online bra without a few returns to get the right size and comfort. Yet, here I am, wearing a bra that's actually supporting my mommy boobs (36C) for the first time in too long. Under a t-shirt, it doesn't even look like I've had four kids. Haha! I definitely recommend this company and will be buying more in the future.

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  • By Cara Johnson

    Dec 05, 2018

    Finally found a veryyyyyyyyyy comfortable bra with a good fit. I ordered a second one.I abhor wearing them and have looked tirelessly for a bra that doesn't feel like I have one on. I also have to have padded due to breast cancer that left me "lopsided"...lol. One side is bigger than the other years after surgery and this bra holds it shape so that is not noticeable. All in all I would say these are perfect for me.

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  • By Casey May

    Sep 08, 2018

    Comfort, and shaping. A little padding toward the bottom of the cups cushions the underwire from irritating and holds the bottom of the Breast up and creates a wonderful shape. Like a sexy full coverage push up bra, in MY size 34D soft fabric allows anything you wear slide across and never grabs or pulls your tip, sweater, or even the thinnest tee shirt. I wore my last one out wearing it almost every day for two years. Wash by hand once a week if you sweat more of course. It drys quickly and maintains its shape! Better than braless! ❤

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  • By Tracy S

    May 11, 2018

    Finally a bra that fits me and doesn't hurt! I wear a 34 C. they usually come with too big or too small cups and band with the same thing. Either too large or too small, underwire digging into my skin. I find this bra to be the goldie locks bra for me. It's really perfect. I had actually given up hope. This bra fits me like a glove with no digging into my skin. So happy.

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  • By Nora Kuntz

    Feb 16, 2018

    So, after wearing nothing but Victoria Secret bras my entire bra life, I decided to make a change. Whether it's me or the VS bra, something started to feel different; they're not as comfortable as they used to be (I'm a 38C). When you can 'feel' the bra and 'notice' it all the time, that's not a good thing. Based on the reviews, I tried this bra. WOW, I actually love it, really love it! I don't feel it at all, it's supportive, and very comfortable.

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  • By LaurieM

    Aug 16, 2017

    Comfortable, supportive and No lines come through my shirt!

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  • By Rabbit

    Feb 25, 2017

    I love the Le Mystere quality! This Tisha style cup size is large in comparison to the style I have been wearing. I will have to return the Tisha.

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  • By SHES

    Jan 25, 2017

    This bra is a winner! Finally a bra that looks great on and feel great too! It is so comfortable and the material is fabulous. So glad it is now available in nude, but can't wait to purchase it in other colors as well.

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    Nov 30, 2016

    This bra is so comfy, I forget I even have it on! I love the racerback look too! It is one of my new favorites!

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  • By GIGI

    Jul 09, 2016

    The best bra if you don't want underwire. So soft and comfortable to wear all day! Great purchase

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  • By STACY

    Mar 12, 2016

    I have been looking for a good lounge bra to wear on the weekends for when I'm being lazy at home or going to bed since I don't do the free range thing while sleeping. (Tried it, just did not feel right for me.) This bra is incredibly comfortable, it was like my chest was sleeping on its own pillows. Love the texture, will definitely be getting more colors. ;)

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  • By KRASH

    Jan 16, 2016

    I love this bra the fabric and colors are beautiful and it's very comfortable it's easy and you can wear it all day.

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    Jan 14, 2016

    This bra is very very very comfortable. Offers perfect amount of support without an underwire!

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  • By auryn84

    Dec 12, 2015

    I am in between sizes -- in the cup and rib-cage measurement. The Le Mystere line runs a little smaller than most bra lines, so the 38C always ends up fitting me perfectly (though I'm technically a 38D). These bras are very well made and work very well in controlling my large chest. I definitely recommend this bra to girls with large chests with an in-between cup size. The only bad part is, this bra is pretty heavy-duty, so it is only really comfortable during the day. I notice when I'm trying to relax, lying on the couch, the bra feels constricting and uncomfortable.

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  • By Midwest Mom

    Jun 13, 2018

    What a nice surprise. I was skeptical and don't have good luck finding reasonably priced full figured bras. When I saw the padding I was so disappointed, after all I'm already a d and don't need to be able to be any larger. I was all set to return both bras and up decided to try one on first and wow! The fit was great, they are comfortable and the padding makes me looks very nice. My books are now where they should be and my shirts look better. I just bought 2 more.

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