• By Jesse W

    Jan 04, 2020

    I have always done my research by reading tons of reviews before buying an item but I’ve never left a review... until now. This bra is awesome! I had to write a review about it right away and shout it from the rooftop. If you are like me and love your Victoria Secret bras but are tired of paying their steep price, you might want to try this bra. No lie, it’s amazing! When I first opened the package, it looked like my Victoria Secret’s Body By Victoria Lined Demi-Buste bra. So much so that, I pulled my Vicky bra out of my dresser and did a comparison. I was right, everything is the same with the exception of the straps, cup slightly taller, and 3 hooks.

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  • By Johnny

    Jan 02, 2020

    Best bra ever. Stocked up on a few.

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  • By Veronica

    Dec 25, 2019

    I'll be the first to admit that I hate wearing bras and only wear them when leaving the house!! Luckily, this one is super comfortable and I don't find myself counting down the hours until I can take it off... because once it's off, I'm not leaving the house again!

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  • By Lisa

    Dec 19, 2019

    I have a really hard time trying to find bras that fit because my breasts are full on the bottom, a bit far apart, and I have a fair amount of "underarm boob," whatever you wanna call it. My bras tend to either have significant gapping at the top or cut sharply into my underarm. There has never been a bra that fit me as well as this one. It supports everything and tucks in my underarm fat without being too loose for the tops of my breasts. It's super soft and comfy and gives a great, natural silhouette, too, and it's *just* thick enough to conceal your nipples quite well. Comfort-wise, I can barely feel I'm wearing it, even when I'm wearing it at home or during long, gruelling workdays as a waitress.

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  • By Sarah Edwards

    Dec 05, 2019

    I've ordered 3 now and can't believe my luck. They are so comfortable, attractive, allow full coverage, no gaps and really give me a great shape, far better than those I used to get at Victoria's Secret. I actually appear full-busted. Friends thought I'd had breast augmentation! I love them and would buy 3 more if they came in gray, taupe and navy blue..

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  • By Hannah E

    Nov 14, 2019

    Ladies listen up. This. Bra. Is. The. Best. Bra. I. Have. Ever. Worn. I'm so serious! Best purchase ever! Heres why: 1. Its so comfortable.Super soft material on both the outside and inside. 2. Its so attractive! The lace detail is a nice sexy touch but doesnt take away at all from the comfort. 3. Just the right amount of lift. Not a push up bra, not thin as paper like a bralette either. Just perfect. 4. Amazing fit! All my other bras from VS, aerie or target are getting old even though I havent had them that long. My weight has fluctuated a lot and my other bras dont fit anymore and are stretched out. Under my bust area is 32 inches and my bust is 36 inches. I got the 34 C if that helps anyone! No spillage or gaping and I have it on the loosest hook! Im so happy I found this gem. Overall wonderful bra and I plan on buying more colors.

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  • By Chuck

    Oct 31, 2019

    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is sceptical about trying a new bra style. All these years I paid a fortune for my bras and now I pay a quarter of the amount and this way I'm also getting more for the money.

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  • By Bethany

    Oct 04, 2019

    I have always used push up bras so when I decided to get this bra I was a bit worried. I absolutely love my new bra. I wore it several times just to make sure I liked it. The wire doesn't dig into me like my VS did. And I couldn't hardly tell I was even wearing a bra. It's super soft and fit perfect. I just ordered 2 more. I'm just shocked how well I love a bra. I always just suffered wearing one because it looked good on me. But this one looks good, feels good and I wear it all day and have no wire pains.

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  • By Poco Drago

    Sep 20, 2019

    If you want an amazing bra that is cute, reasonably priced and fits like a second skin....look no further. I am sold for life on these bras. I am a 34D and this fits PERFECTLY and doesn't make me feel like I am falling out. I never have to adjust my straps. It has a light padding which is what I love because it isn't overly padded and yet still covers my nipples - lol.

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  • By Pinklady

    Sep 06, 2019

    You know how you’ve spent your whole life searching for The One, and time after time you are disappointed? You wonder if you’ll ever find them, do they even exist? Well I’m here to tell you this bra is the Prince of all freaking Prince Charmings!! It gives lift, support, perfect coverage, no spills, no gaps, no weird dents, no super fat padding, no nippleage peeking out. It literally fits like a booby glove, and is made out of the most fluffiest cloud in the sky! I can’t believe how amazing this bra is!

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  • By Jenna Voster

    Jul 25, 2019

    I don't always sleep in a bra but sometimes its nice to wear one and be comfy and sexy. This bra is so comfy, you almost feel like you aren't wearing one - in a good way that still feels supportive. The fabric is very soft and silky. This is a great everyday bra - i will probably buy another.

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  • By Toni Brown

    Jun 13, 2019

    I couldn't possibly be more pleased!! As I larger busted woman, I have been searching and searching for the right bra. I've bought countless bras from different places...in store and online. And FINALLY I've found THE ONE. This bra feels like what Victoria Secret used to feel like before something changed. It's insanely comfortable, looks great, and and stays in place. All I have wanted in life is a bra I don't have to adjust all day and dare to hope for one I actually forget I'm wearing.

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  • By talijane

    May 03, 2019

    Like most women, buying a bra really is a tedious process. I bought this bra to replace one that I had that was the exact style. This product fits perfectly. It is lightly lined, and has an underwire, which is what I like and prefer. Wonderful with t-shirts because the lace does not show under tank tops. I don't wear with thin materials because it would probably show. Highly recommended

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  • By Mallory

    Apr 28, 2019

    As someone who rarely wears bras and hates how expensive they can get, I absolutely love this product. This bra is VERY comfortable and not crazy expensive. The material is soft and the design is simple and discreet without being boring & dowdy. As long as you get the right size this bra shouldn't itch, pinch, pull, or squeeze anything in the wrong way.

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  • By Fair

    Apr 26, 2019

    Incredibly comfortable . I have never ordered a bra without trying it in and had serious reservations. They were unfounded with this bra. Very pretty.

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  • By Malina

    Mar 03, 2019

    Perfection. I am petite but just barely too large for actual petite sizes so my clothes, especially in the shoulder areas, tend to run slightly large. Some stuff I can get away with not altering but being a D cup, a lot of my bras were so "full coverage" that they would end up peeking out through the arm holes or through the cleavage (and I don't even wear dramatic cleavage). Not with this one! It gives me great coverage, I'm not spilling out anywhere and it's v cut enough not to show.

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  • By CDowns

    Feb 10, 2019

    I would rate this 4.5 bc it has mostly plus sides, but one obvious down side. The pluses: -Very comfortable, so that I forget I have it on -Fits well. It takes wearing it for a day or two for it to meld to your body, but when it does it's great. -The straps have a kind of material underneath that keep them from slipping off -A good price Downside: -The wire will jab into my bicep when I least expect it if I wear a loose fitting shirt, but this doesn't happen if you have a tight shirt or sleeves. I may try sewing a bit of fabric over the edge to help with this. All in all, I'm pleased to use it as an everyday bra.

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  • By Nadine Deery

    Jan 10, 2019

    I LOVE this bra. I have been wearing bralettes for the majority of the better part of a year now, as I have been finding underwire bras ill-fitting and uncomfortable. This is by far the softest, best-fitting, most comfortable underwire bra I have ever worn. Fit is perfect, pattern is adorable, and I forget I even have it on.

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  • By MandaPanda

    Nov 14, 2018

    Already feel the difference from my old bras to this bra. The material is super soft and I know the white bra will look beautiful underneath my wedding dress. It's very smooth and doesnt pinch me.

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  • By AJNG

    Oct 26, 2018

    This is my go to bra. It is the best fitting and most comfortable bra I've ever worn. It has just enough padding to provide complete coverage under clingy garments and never shows "nipplage" without feeling like the bra is attempting to increase the bust size like a padded bra. It has such a great range of sizes and fits like a bra should - the underwires don't dig my armpits and the center triangle between the cups sits flat on the breastbone in the middle with no gapping.

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