Different Bras For Different Breasts

How to find a right bra for your breasts? Some girls think this is very simple question: Get the right cup size. Actually, it is a lot more than cup size. 1There are seven breast shapes, get the right bras for your breast shape is important. Here are some tips.

Type: Splayed Breasts

Different Bras For Different Breasts -- Splayed Breasts

This type breasts outward and make your chest some space. A T-shirt bra has a extra support at the sides, it is best for helping to center and lift your breasts. It works naturally with your own shape and make you feel really comfortable.

Type: Separated Sisters

Different Bras For Different Breasts -- Separated Sisters

This type breasts go east-west, and it fuller than splayed breasts. A full-coverage style bra is good option, it will help pull the breasts up and together.

Type: Bell of the Ball

Different Bras For Different Breasts -- Bell Of The Ball

This type breasts’s top is slightly thinner. Many women with this breast type are also bustier. You need support and pull your ladies up. A plunge style bra not only pull your breasts up but also give you a deep cleavage.

Type: Self -supported

Different Bras For Different Breasts -- Self-supported

This type breasts are full on top and bottom. The breasts are supported by themselves. You can wear what you want.

Type: Skinny LadiesDifferent Bras For Different Breasts -- Skinning Ladies

This type breasts likely deflated and they are longer than wide. Usually it has a small cup size. A bra with padding on the outer curve is good choice, it will gives your breasts great structure and a nice shape.

Type: Uneven Boobs

Different Bras For Different Breasts -- Uneven Boobs

This type breasts are not the same size, generally, one breast is larger than the other. A style with removable inserts allowing your to remove the padding on the side with your larger breast, and you also can use the shoulder straps to customize the fit on each side.

Type: Teardrop

Different Bras For Different Breasts -- Teardrop

This is a normal breasts, all bra style on the market fit this breast shape, so choose what you prefer. I recommend the lace bras which will make your chest more gorgeous.